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No fine print.

At Billtrader we hate fine print. That's why these terms and conditions are in 11-point font in easy-to-understand language. If anything seems unreasonable, talk to us and we'll see if we can accommodate your request.


We know that your invoices can contain sensitive information. We promise to keep that information confidential at all times, even if you only have a trial account with us. The only people who'll be allowed to see your invoices are Billtrader staff and the two patent firms listed on the bill (ie the biller and the payer).

Trial account

When you sign up for a trial account we don't charge you anything and you can't break anything. You have 30 days to play around with the interface, download the various files and ask us anything you like. If you're happy we'll move you to a live account. If you're not, we'll part ways.

The aim of the Trial Account is to help you make a decision as to whether you'd like to open a Live Account with Billtrader. You can only use your access to your Trial Account for that purpose.

Also, we only act for intellectual property (IP) law firms. So by signing up to a Trial Account you're assuring us that you work for or represent an IP firm.

When you sign up to a Trial Account you're agreeing to these Trial Account Terms and Conditions.

Live Account

When you sign up for a live account you're entering a contract with Billtrader Pty Ltd, the Australian parent company of the whole Billtrader Group, and you're agreeing to the terms outlined below.

When you send us a bill you're promising us that they are real bills owed by you or your foreign agents for work you or they have performed.

"Now" Trades

When you do a "now" trade and the total is in our favour, you're agreeing to wire the total amount to us next Monday so it arrives in our account by next Tuesday. Similarly, if the "now" trade is in your favour, we'll wire you the funds next Monday so they arrive in your account by next Tuesday.

"Later" Trades

When you do a "later" trade and the total is in our favour, you're agreeing to wire the total amount to us in 90 days. We'll send you a reminder closer to the date, but it's your obligation to pay by that date.

Similarly, if the "later" trade is in your favour, we'll wire you the funds within 90 days.

Our Fees

For every bill you trade, we charge you a small administration fee. That fee covers:
  • Capturing the data from your invoice
  • Paying your foreign agents
  • Collecting the funds from your foreign agents

As at July 2018 that fee is CAD/USD/GBP/EUR/NZD/AUD2.50 per invoice (depending upon your home currency).

We'll send you a bill once a month summarising the fees you owe and you'll need to pay those fees within 7 days.

Your Bills

When you send us one of your own bills for us to collect from your foreign agent, you need to have removed your own bank account details and payment instructions from the bill and have replaced them with:

    Please pay this bill via Billtrader.
By trading your bills, you are effectively assigning that debt to Billtrader Pty Ltd. We are then legally authorised to collect those funds on your behalf.

If a foreign agent refuses to pay a bill, questions its value or takes more than 6 months to pay, we reserve the right to pass the bill back to you for collection. Billtrader isn't a debt collection agency. We help streamline the process of paying and collecting on the 99% of patent firm bills that are paid without any issues.

Walk Before You Run

When you start using the Live Account you'll need to begin by using it just to pay your foreign agents' bills. Once you've processed at least US$50,000 worth of bills that way, you'll be eligible to trade your own bills against your foreign agents' bills.

When you do start trading your bills against your foreign agent's bills you promise that you will use the Billtrader platform to trade bills that you owe to your foreign associates (Their Bills) as well as bills that your foreign associates owe to you. You also need to make sure that the value of My Bills in any trade will not be more than five times the value of Their Bills in any trade. For example, if a trade is executed in EUR and Their Bills add up to EUR10,000, the My Bills must not add up to more than EUR50,000 so that the balance in your favour will not be more than EUR40,000.

You also need to make sure that at least half of the bills in any trade will be bills issued in a different currency from the currency you trade into. For example, if the currency you trade into is USD and the trade involves 18 bills, at least nine of the bills must be in currencies other than USD.

Don't Copy our Stuff

The aim of the Live Account is to enable you to process your patent firm bills efficiently. It is not to allow you to set up a competitive business to Billtrader by copying our systems, software and processes.

By signing up to a live account you're agreeing not to copy our stuff without our prior written permission. We're developing new IP all the time, but in addition to the text and images on this site which are protected by copyright, BILLTRADER and the BILLTRADER Logo are registered trade marks and many aspects of our software platform are covered by eleven national patent applications which depend from PCT application No PCT/AU2016/050470.

The end.

That's it. Didn't take long to read our Terms & Conditions did it? If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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