Paying you instantly

We give you instant credit for any bill you’re owed. You can use that credit to pay any foreign agent’s bill, thus freeing up your cash.

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Cutting bank fees

We have bank accounts around the world, so we pay locally, without bank fees for you or your agents.

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Reducing staff costs

We automate the process of paying your foreign agents, reducing the need for low-level data entry staff. Lower staff costs mean higher firm profits

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Get paid instantly

When a bill comes in from an overseas agent, email it to us and we’ll put it in the Their Bills section of the Billtrader platform. Do the same when you issue your own bills and we’ll put them in the My Bills section. Trade My Bills against Their Bills to use credit from the bills you’re owed to pay the bills you owe.

It’s just like a contra payment, but it works for any agent in the world, even if they haven’t signed up to the Billtrader platform.

Instead of waiting four months to be paid, Billtrader gives you instant credit for your unpaid bills.


Say adios to bank fees

We reduce international bank wiring fees that your bank takes when you pay, and your agent’s bank takes when the money arrives.

Instead, we charge a small fee per invoice to capture the data and pay your agent.

  • You‘re paid from a local bank account, in your local currency
  • We pay your agents from a local bank account in their country
  • You save money on every transaction, as does your agent


Save staff costs

We load your foreign agent bills straight into your accounting system, thereby reducing your data entry staff costs. We pay your agents, notify them, and update your system, taking those tasks off your hands as well.

  • We digitally capture incoming foreign agent bills, check their validity and load them into your accounting system
  • With a single trade we collapse 50 individual payments around the world into one local bank payment
  • Once paid, our system notifies your agents and updates your accounting system

How does Billtrader work?


Receive Bills

When a bill comes in from your foreign agent, email it to us. We'll capture all the relevant info and push it into your accounting system (eg Inprotech, Aderant Expert etc) without you having to do any data entry.


Send Bills

When you're sending bills out, put "Please pay billtrader.com" on your invoice, and cc us. We'll capture all the details from those bills as well.


Trade Bills

When you log on to billtrader.com all of your bills and your foreign agent's bills will be there, ready to trade. Trade one set of bills against the other and we'll pay you the difference next Tuesday and mark them as paid in your accounting system (eg Inprotech, Aderant Expert etc).
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Where did the bank fees go?

US Agent < $   £ > UK Agent
Billtrader has bank accounts all around the world. So when you pay us, you're paying into a local account. When we pay your foreign agents, we're paying them from a local account.
Since 99% of our bank transfers are local, the banks don't get a chance to take out their $20 along the way. We've managed to avoid bank fees, so we thought we'd pass those savings on to you.

The payoff is huge




Eliminate data entry of your foreign agents' bill



Avoid bank fees when sending or receiving funds


Never lose

Never lose money on currency fluctuations again

Who's behind the curtain?

Billtrader is backed by some of the most reputable patent attorney firms in the world. Sick of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in fees to wire funds to their patent colleagues around the globe, they got together to figure out a better solution. That solution was Billtrader.

Today, having received millions of dollars of investment from patent attorneys just like you, Billtrader is ready to take on the world.

But we don't want to go it alone. We want you to come with us. So we're giving away part of the company to the patent firms that use us. That's right. For free.

So stop donating to your bank, and turn your foreign transfers into an investment in Billtrader.
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